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With a voice that summons the guttural howls of John Fogerty, and guitar work that ranges from the front porch to outer space, Ross Osteen joins the powerful blues/rock scene of the deep south. The songwriter was born in western North Carolina placed in the midst of an eclectic music scene ranging from bluegrass to rock, and beyond. Eventually all of his influences aligned to form his bluesy sound, and he hit the road. Ross has played blues shows with notables such as Jimmy Thackery, and Kim Wilson of the Fabulous Thunderbirds. He also shared the stage with legend Buddy Guy. There’s no doubt his style of musical soul searching will allure listeners.

Let’s not forget the driving pulse of the band, Patrick Gaynor. Growing up in New York, he was constantly pulled in by the hypnotic southern sound of the Allman Brothers. A sound which lures listeners in on songs like “Fools Gold” off of their album titled “Glenhead Station”. Patrick eventually moved south to find a band that could satisfy his blues cravings.

The Ross Osteen Band is fully anchored by the distinct force of Andy Bishop on bass. Andy is a multi-instrumentalist and owner/operator of Giraffe Studio for many years. He is the perfect complement to this power trio, and his contribution really heightens the music.

Since the Ross Osteen Band started in 2014, they have played a number of shows from Georgia to New York to Chicago, with a very memorable appearance with Buddy Guy on one of their songs titled “Hold Back”. All the while, growing a local fan base in western North Carolina. They released their self titled album in 2015, followed by their second release “Glenhead Station” in 2016. The band just released their latest single “Mannish Boy” from the upcoming album “Williwaw”. Ross Osteen Band continues to hone their sound into an energetic blend of blues, roots, and southern rock.



 2019 Release
WILLIWAW   (Listen)

With a return to the soulful sounds of Muddy Waters, The Ross Osteen Band delivers their powerful rendition of '“Mannish Boy”. It is the first release from their latest album titled “Williwaw”. The album title refers to a sudden commotion, which aptly describes the energy carried throughout their catalog, and especially so on this album.


   Latest single, Mannish Boy


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Video Performing with Buddy Guy at Legends




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