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Bio: Peter Roland (Multi Instrumentalist)

In 2020 Peter released "I DON'T LIKE WHAT'S GOING ON" on BMGI. A Blues CD with 5 original numbers and one cover of "Losin' Hand".  Currently he is Guitarist for Blues Revival, Kat Riggins' Backup Band in the USA.

Peter has had an interesting and varied career to date. Some of the highlights are opening for John Mayall, Eric Burdon &War, and Buddy Miles Express. He was a member of the Jazz Society and performed with John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Tony Williams, Jaco Pastorious and  Kenwood Denard (Jacos drummer.) Peter has recorded two CD's on drums and toured with Mike Portnoy in Dream Theatre while performing in the NY Jazz Underground.

Peter has played drums in Richard Hells band also touring in the CBGBs band backing Devo, Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell and the Talking Heads.  Later he played in an acoustic duo with the famous actor Michael Nouri.

All during this time Peter was a prolific songwriter.  He was picked by Bon Jovi with the best new single and band in KRock FM radio contest, which got him an appearance on Howard Stern's show. Peter has performed on multiple late night cable music TV shows.  While working as a studio musician he made jingles for Anheuser Busch, worked on  independent film scores, sang, rapped and played on cartoon shows for children.  Before leaving NYC Peter performed with American jazz flutist Herbie Mann.

 Taking time off after moving to Florida, Peter was selling furniture in his uncle's store when agent and producer Jim Nestor came in and invited him to a jam session. That lead to being tapped as the lead guitarist in Kat Riggins and Blues Revival.   When Kat is out of the country Peter pairs up with harmonica extraordinaire Clay Goldstein in K9 Park comprised of members of Kat's backup band.  Staying constantly busy as a working musician Peter also performs solo and with a bass and drum player as the Peter Roland Band.

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1 Black Cat Bone
2 Losin' Hand
3 Evil
4 Lonely Tonight
5 I Don't Like What's Going On
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