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Niles Blaize

This Alabama born, Mississippi bred, music man, Niles “Red Bean” Blaize was living so close to New Orleans, “I could smell the beignets in the morning”, Red Bean not only brings out the party, he carries it in his soul.

Ever since his first Mardi Gras parade, he knew. Niles joined the parade at age 10, playing the trumpet, and soon followed with the harmonica, guitar, bass, and squeeze-box.

You can see “Red Bean” Blaize around town with his band, the FL Swamp Cats, with Rob Altar in Blaize ‘n’ Altar, or hanging with the El Dorado’s when Otis Cadillac comes to town. He brings a little Blues, a little Rock n Roll, a little Southern Rock and a whole lotta Cajun Funk.

Home cooked and mellow?   Book Blaize 'n' Altar! or   Blaize N Rose
Enjoy your Red Bean hot! When you walk in and see that signature hat you know you found the right place. They are ready to entertain at your house party or smaller venues. Or if you want to raise a bigger ruckus, Red Bean will release the Swamp Cats to get your feet stomping.

Served up on a big stage.
Festival stages and larger venues are perfect for the Otis Cadillac Band and the El Doradoes. This is an 11 piece band that performs Classic R&B, Root Rock N’ Roll and related Blues oriented material. The band performs in a style that emulates the R&B revues of the late 50s and early 60s.


No Matter which band or performance sit in you see Niles with he brings it all the way. 

For Swamp Cat or Otis Cadillac  booking contact:




Booking Contact:

Jim Nestor, Agent

Phone in US 954-588-5144



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