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JimNestor.com books an international roster of award winning Blues and Americana artists from around the USA.  We also support several associated artists and friends in the music industry for one off tours throughout the south in winter.


Fresh out of college and working for The Leaning Tower of Pizza in Saugus, Massachusetts, Jim’s house band when he was 21 was The Zaitchik Brothers Band with Matt "Guitar" Murphy. His main Saturday night duty was filling up Matt's fire engine red , white topped convertable 67 Cadillac with available women for the after party at the house in Nahant. Jim's  love for the blues grew when he saw such greats as Son Seals and Albert Collins. His first Blues booking client was the JB Hutto at the Harbour House in Lynn, The booking agency was spawned using the pizza restaurant’s bar pay phone. Other early bands Jim booked included James Cotton, Mighty Joe Young and other artists out of Chicago.
Wanting to immerse himself in the music scene, Jim moved to New York City, where he added Joe Mazzari from The Daughters to his client list, and also began a long tempestuous relationship with Johnny Thunders, former New York Dolls singer and the newly named “Godfather of Punk”. Under Jim’s management, Thunders produced two albums and multiple US/European tours. Jim also worked extensively with Jimmy Miller, the producer of Traffic, Blind Faith and five Rolling Stone albums, which helped to build his knowledge of the recording and producing process. Free-lancing on music business row, 57th Street, with the Howard Bloom Agency, FBI, and Spotlite Entertainment.
Once established in Florida, he put together a film crew to shoot the Frannipalooza Festival and the blues bug bit hard again. Understanding South Florida is a hot bed of blues talent, Jim first booked Dr. Slide on a tour across the US. Jim met and became friends with Dennis Brooks, the legendary Memphis agent; the duo worked with Joey Gilmore resulting in Joey ultimately winning the 22nd International Blues Challenge in 2006. Jim produced Joey’s “The Ghosts of Mississippi Meet the Gods of Africa” CD, with the title track recognized as the Blues Critics Song of the year. Quite a few artists came through the door including JP Soars, Albert Castiglia, and Joey Gilmore to get us to the full blown roster of award winning international touring artists today...KBA



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Jim Nestor, Agent


Jim Nestor is based in Fort Lauderdale,  Florida booking worldwide